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Onondaga Community College adds bartending class as non-credit course

Onondaga Community College announced Wednesday it will add a new class in March called "The Art of Bartending." The non-credit, 40-hour course aims to teach students how to be a bartender in a real bar setting.

Points of study include the "Point of Sale" digital cash register system used by most bars and restaurants, how to maintain a liquor license under current liquor laws, beer and wine product knowledge, how to set up and tear down, and how to keep composure during peak times.

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Guest Bartending

So some incredible news for all you upcoming Topshelf Bartenders graduates. Pizza Man Pub in B'ville has offered a "Guest Bartending" night for 2 graduates from each graduating class! So not only do you get hands on training behind a bar while you're in class, but now you have the opportunity to be behind a bar making drinks for the guests the very same night that you graduate. A Big THANK YOU to Pizza Man Pub in Baldwinsville!!! You guys are awesome!

Bar Exam - Syracuse New Times

Steven Flohr takes the glass to his right, transfers it to his left hand and scoops ice into the cup from the well. The cups goes on the mat on the bar as Flohr fills it from the vodka bottle in his right hand...
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2/20/13 CNY Central: Exclusive look inside unique bartending school in Baldwinsville

Topshelf Bartenders is not your typical bartending school. The school is owned by Central New York native Jeffrey Rogers, a bartender with more than twenty years of experience. It is the only school in the state outside of New York City that operates inside an actual bar. The school teaches classes at Club Sushi in Baldwinsville, and ...
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2/14/13 Bridge Street: Love Potion No. 9

Bartending school in Baldwinsville to hold classes in a real bar - Article By Post Standard

Talk to Jeffrey Rogers, and he'll be happy to tell you the bar scene in the Syracuse area is thriving.

"I feel it's definitely picking up around Syracuse -- a lot of good mixology and martinis out there," he said. "A lot of young money is starting to come out."

To service those crowds, the area needs bartenders who know everything from wine and beer service to the ins and outs of modern mixology.

So Rogers, a veteran bar owner and bartender, plans a new bartending school, called Topshelf Bartenders. It'll get started in late January or early February in the space that also hosts Club Sushi, in the bottom level of Mohegan Manor, 58 Oswego St. in Baldwinsville...
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1826 Trivia: 'Eggnog Riot' at West Point military academy.

When informed that their Christmas eggnog would be alcohol free, cadets in North Barracks No. 5 decided to make their own eggnog with alcohol, for a Christmas eve late night/early morning celebration.

Of course it got noisy and they were caught. Shouting and general disorder developed, some swords were drawn, firewood crashed through windows, and at least one shot was fired. The artillery unit stationed at West Point had to be called in to quell the disturbance.

In the aftermath, 6 cadets resigned, 19 were court marshaled, and many, including a young Jefferson Davis, were confined to quarters for more than a month.