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At Topshelf Bartenders we take pride using the experience and knowledge of over 20 years in the industry to help make you the absolute best bartender possible when walking out of these doors. We will help you realize what you are truly capable of in the industry and just how enjoyable it is. You will be given knowledge from years of learning and perfecting this industry, which has been taught to me. In the upcoming weeks you will learn all you need to know to become a sought-after professional bartender. Learn and enjoy!

Directors Experience:

The director of this school has worked in the restaurant industry since 1991, starting as a busser & dishwasher for a private country club in Syracuse, NY. Since then he has worked in literally every position possible in a restaurant & bar. He has trained bartenders, barbacks, servers, host/hostess', bussers, expediters, line chefs, saute chefs, grill chefs, fry chefs, dishwashers, bouncers, front of the house managers and back of the house managers. He personally has written several food item menus and an uncountable number of drink menus. He's been a part of the opening team of several restaurants, trained entire staffs and eventually he opened his own restaurant and bar in Central New York.


Over 21 years involved in the service industry, owner/operator of a restaurant & bar, certification in TIPS, certification in managerial leadership, higher education with a concentration in hospitality & psychology, fifteen 1st place finishes & eleven 2nd place finishes for the taste category in drink mix-off competitions involving the Martini, Margarita, Bloody Mary & Hurricane, eight 1st place finishes & eight 2nd place finishes for the presentation category in drink mix-off competitions involving the Martini, Margarita, Bloody Mary & Hurricane within the last 8 years. Winner of the Stoli Blueberi challenge in 2004, creating the “Blu-jito”. Almost forgot, Director of a privately licensed Bartending School certified through the New York State Department of Education.

Only school in NYS that's taught in an actual bar.

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday
9:00am – 6:00pm

Friday – Sunday
10:00am – 3:00pm

  • Now enrolling for Dec. 2nd night classes.
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  • Guest bartending at Pizza Man, Mohegan Manor, and World.
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Cocktail of the Month

Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pi-re-nah)
- 3-4 lime wedges
- 1 teaspoon ground raw sugar
- 2 ounces of Cachaca
Muddle the lime and sugar
Add ice
Then pour in 2 ounces of Cachaca.
Stir and enjoy
Can be served in a rocks glass or highball
A traditional Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaca, which is very similar to rum, in that it is made from sugarcane. If you've never had a real Caipirinha then you are missing out. It is the ultimate summer cocktail...
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OCC adds bartending class as non-credit course

Onondaga Community College announced Wednesday it will add a new class in March called "The Art of Bartending." The non-credit, 40-hour course aims to teach students how to be a bartender in a real bar setting.
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